Triad Collection is dedicated to the pursuit of exquisite jewelry that transcends the ordinary, meticulously crafted with profound significance and purpose. As purveyors of beauty, our role as curators is to discerningly seek out the perfect symbiosis between each extraordinary piece and its discerning wearer. Our unwavering mission is to introduce you to a realm of unparalleled uniqueness, where jewelry becomes an embodiment of timeless artistry, surpassing the transient nature of passing trends. Brace yourself for an exquisite journey as we unveil a collection of true masterpieces.

-elsa guzmán


Leading our illustrious journey is the luminary Elsa Guzman, the founder and CEO of Triad Collection. With a decade of resplendent experience in the realm of fashion accessories, Elsa has graced the corridors of power as a distinguished sales director in the bustling metropolis of New York City. Her endeavors revolved around cultivating enduring relationships with prestigious establishments, including opulent hotels, revered museums, and esteemed luxury multi-brand boutiques. Through Elsa’s visionary stewardship, our enterprise has forged a robust nationwide network of discerning buyers, while also establishing an extensive international consortium of revered manufacturers and designers.


Imbued with limitless potential, Triad Collection embarks upon a future that glistens with unparalleled promise. We are thrilled to announce the introduction of our prestigious private labeling division, poised to unfurl boundless opportunities for both our esteemed existing clientele and new patrons. Within this innovative realm, we seamlessly unite established brands and distinguished public figures with the captivating prospect of product development. Our unwavering commitment to excellence encompasses cost-efficient production, meticulous design curation, streamlined development processes, and stringent manufacturing standards, ensuring the realization of remarkable creations. Guided by our unwavering mission, we empower our esteemed clients to manifest their dreams of crafting and presenting extraordinary jewelry pieces, while offering comprehensive facilitation throughout the entire product development journey and the subsequent sales cycle.

Unveil a tapestry of elegance. Embark upon a journey of extraordinary discovery at Triad Collection today.

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